What dress should mother wear on her daughter’s wedding day?

What should mom wear at his son’s Mother of the Bride Dresses? The wedding is a very important thing for both families. The dress code of the parents is not only good for their families, but also the perfect place for the wedding.

1. The principle of picking clothes. If the bride chooses a Western-style www.feeltimes.com, mothers should also try to choose a Western-style dress.

If the bride chooses Chinese style clothing, the mother ’s clothes will also change accordingly. It should be noted here that if the mother weighs more than 65 kg, it is best not to choose to wear cheongsam. If you really like to wear cheongsam, please put a long vest of similar style on the outside of cheongsam to cover the waist.

2. Color selection The choice of colors can be varied, and noble colors such as black and purple can be selected. But don’t choose clothes that are too bright colors or large patterns. The best choice of shoes is half-heel leather shoes with stockings.

3. The matching of jewelry and jewelry should be consistent with the style of clothing.

If the clothes are collarless, they should be equipped with necklaces, if they are short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, they can be decorated with bracelets and other decorations. According to personal habits, you can also use the ring as a decoration, but do not choose too exaggerated jewelry.